An asset is in the "No Communication" state and displays a red exclamation mark.


Each asset can have a CommunicationState tag which monitors the values of one or more MonitorTags. By default, the CommunicationState tag is named <YourSite>-<YourAsset>-CommunicationState.

The value of the CommunicationState tag depends on the status of designated MonitorTags. A MonitorTag is any tag from the same asset which has the MonitorTag=true attribute. 

The CommunicationState tag can have several different values:

0Asset connected
1No reply from data source
2No session could be created on the data source
31+ MonitorTag is failing
41+ MonitorTag has bad quality
51+ MonitorTag is flatlining


Step 1: Find the CommunicationState and MonitorTags

Use the Tag Manager tool (Administration > Tag Manager) to search for tags like

  • <YourSite>-<YourAsset>-CommunicationState
  • <YourSite>-<YourAsset>-%
    • AND Attributes is %MonitorTag%

Once the relevant MonitorTag tags have been identified, view them in a trend to ensure that they are getting good current data. Additional troubleshooting may be required to determine why a particular tag is not receiving current data.

Step 2: Identify reasons why the CommunicationState is not good

If CommunicationState equals 1 or 2

  • Verify that the data source is online.
  • Check the status of other tags coming from the same data source -- if all tags from the same data source are offline, then it may indicate an issue with the data source or with the Bazefield connection to the data source.
  • If the data source is online and data can be verified in a third-party client, please reach out to Bazefield support.

If CommunicationState equals 3, 4 or 5

  • Check other assets from the same data source -- if only a subset of assets from the same data source have problems, the bad CommunicationState may indicate an issue with the specific asset.

If CommunicationState is stale or the quality is Bad

  • The issue may be with the Communication Monitor service itself -- please reach out to Bazefield support.

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