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Bazefield offers fine-grained control over user access permissions. This enables administrators to show users only the data and tools that are relevant and useful for their job roles.


To edit user permissions, you must have the EditAccessPermissions permission as well as access to the User Manager in the Bazefield Portal.

Overview of the Bazefield Object Security Model

Users and Roles

A Bazefield User is an account assigned to a particular person, analogous to a Windows user. Bazefield Roles are used to group users for easier administration, analogous to a Windows group. A user can be assigned one or more Roles, and will receive all permissions that are assigned to any of their roles.

The roles assigned to users can be viewed and edited in the User Manager:

Top-level Action Permissions

Each user or role can be assigned top-level permissions. These permissions specify the types of actions that a user can take -- they do not control the specific permissions over a particular object (like a tag). For instance, a user can have the top-level "EditTag" permission, but if they don't have access to a specific tag object, they won't be able to access that object to edit it.

Top-level action permissions can be viewed and edited in the User Manager by selecting Edit on a particular user or role:

Object Security

Each object in Bazefield has separate access permissions. This includes not just tags, but also menu items -- for example, you can hide the User Manager from all users that are not part of your Admins role. You can bulk assign roles and users to have access to objects by using the User Manager > Access tool.

Tag Data Access

Access to a tag's data is separate from access to the tag object itself. Each tag can be configured for users to have read access, write access, or read/write access. In general, tags will be enabled for read access only, unless they are used to store manually-entered data or if they are used for manual control.

You can view and edit the tag data access in Tag Manager. Search for the tag and then select Edit. Tag data access is specified on the General tab of the tag edit tool.

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