Access to Bazefield web server.


Navigating to Bazefield.Services/api/metadata or Bazefield.Services/api/swagger-ui/ or Bazefield.Services/api/openapi fails with an error message like:

Handler for Request not found (404):

Request.HttpMethod: GET
Request.PathInfo: /metadata
Request.RawUrl: /BazeField.Services/api/metadata


In Bazefield Portal and later, the Service Stack autogenerated API documentation is hidden by default. This is controlled by a setting in the Bazefield.Services.AppSettings.Config file.

Step 1: Set EnableMetaDataFeature to true

Navigate to %baze_path%\Config\BazeField.Services.AppSettings.Config and find the "EnableMetaDataFeature" key. Change the value from "false" to "true".

Step 2: Recycle the application pool or perform an iisreset

The app pool must be recycled because this setting is only checked on startup.


At the time this article was written, there is no authentication required to access the in-product API documentation, so it is disabled by default.

Product Environment and Version

Bazefield Portal and later