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Tag Name Code


Location to Set/View


SITEThe site code for your site. Bazefield typically uses a 3 letter code. It is possible to use 4, but 3 is recommended. This is gathered on site prerequisite document or during kick off.Asset ManagerSIT
ASSET (Required for an asset, not for site tags)The code and number for the asset associated with the site. This is typically 3 digits of asset type, such as WTG or INV, and 3 numeric or identification characters such as 001 or A01 of 1F2. Typical configuration is 001.Asset ManagerWTG001 = Turbine 1
INV001 = Inverter 1,
FDR001 = Feeder 1,
PPC001 = Power Plant Controller 1
TYPE (Optional)The type indicates the type of tag it is. If the type is left out, you are typically dealing with a IO Tag or device tag meaning that bazefield is not performing and direct calculation on it. (Exception would be a scale equation).Tag Manager, Tag ListsTOT = Totalizer, RPT = Reporting 
NAME (Required)The bazefield common name of the tag or data point. These are normalized for different types of assets to ensure different OEMs have a similar usability within the application and for the user.Tag Manager, Tag ListsActivePower = P_ACT, AcitvePowerDelivered = MWH_del
TIME (Optional)This is used for interval based calculations to identify the interval the data is on. This will be added on to calculation tags typically and not device or IO tags. It may be added to device and IO tags when the source data is calculated already.Tag Manager, Tag Lists1d = 1 Day, 10m, 10 Minutes
CALCTYPE (Optional)

AVG = average, SUM = summation