Use Case

To setup remote access to the GE WindSCADA OPC DA server.


For OPC DA access to GE WindSCADA data, DCOM will need to be configured in a way to allow remote connectivity. This provides an example walk through of how to set that up.

Prerequisites [Optional]

  • Administrative access to the server that hosts GE WindSCADA OPC DA service


Step 1: Open up DCOM Config & Enter COM Security Settings

DCOM - System Wide Settings Update

Run: dcomcnfg

  • Right click on properties of My Computer
  • Edit Defaults & Limits on COM Security for both options

Click on the “Edit Default” button within the “Access Permissions” area and make sure the following accounts exist with the “Allow Access” permissions.

    · Anonymous

    · Everyone

    · Guests

    · Interactive

    · Network

    · System

Step 2: Enter Default Properties

Set the default properties for Authentication Level and Impersonation level.

  • Authentication: None
  • Impersonation: Identify

Step 3: Set GE Wind SCADA OPC DA DCOM Properties

Find the GE WindSCADA DCOM object in the dcomcnfg management console and go into properties. 

Product Environment and Version

GE.Wind.SCADA.DA Service