Use Case

This article describes how to use either chrome or IE, or another API tester application to query the alarms archived in Bazefield.  Prior to this, it is suggested to read

Quick Start: Bazefield API

Quick Start: Tag Manager 

Exercise 1:  Querying API with Chrome and Postman 

Importing Post Man Files


This article reviews how to request all raw alarms archived by Bazefield.  These are natively displayed in the Alarm Log Application under the Monitoring Module.


Download the Postman file at the bottom of this article and use it according to the guidelines here:

Importing Post Man Files


The following table displays the list of most common requests to pull raw data from Bazefield tags.  They can be run directly in a web browser, or using Postman

(Substitute all {{ }} variables with user desired values)


DescriptionURL Example
Get Active Alarms (Single Asset)Request all alarms currently active for an asset



Get Historical Alarms (Single or Multiple Assets)Request to query all alarms for a single or multiple assets within a time period
Get Historical Alarms (Entire Site)Request to query all alarms for an entire site within a time periodhttps://{{domain}}

Postman queries

The tabular queries above can be modified and used within Postman directly by navigating to the correct request on the left hand collection tab.  Editing the variables, and then selecting "Send" will send the request and return the data

Opening the requests, editing the variables, and clicking "Send" will request the data and return it to the application.