• Administrative access to the Asset Model section of the portal.


Determine the type settings for your alarms and change if needed.


Step 1: Identify type of alarm showing

There are 3 different types of alarm categorizations, Alarm, Warning and Status. The reference numbers for these codes pertaining to the Asset Model configuration is as follows:


Step 2: Verify Code to Alarm in Asset Model

Select the asset from the alarm log to pop up asset operations mini view. Then click the asset model link

Go to the Alarms tab to reference the code to find the additional meta data. For alarm Type, you will need to proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Edit settings in Asset Model

Navigate to the Asset Models application in the portal, select the asset model in question and "Download current configuration". Open the excel file and navigate to the alarm tab and view the entry in the "Type" column. Set to the appropriate level and re-upload if needed.


Viewing and changing the settings for alarms in bazefield Alarm Log is done through the Asset Models which feeds the Alarm service.

Product Environment and Version

Bazefield Portal 8.0.20