• This issue only affects on-premise Bazefield installations that are accessed via a proxy server.
  • Resolving this issue requires access to the proxy server configuration.


When interacting with BazeField Reports that make use of the Reports Inputs feature, and you are accessing BazeField over HTTPS via a web proxy server, the interaction fails and the browser shows an ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error page (e.g. "This site can't be reached").

Figure 1: Example ERR_CONNECTION_RESET page in Chrome


Please reach out to Bazefield support if you are encountering this issue as the root cause is still undetermined. Depending on the specific issue indicated in the proxy server logs, tweaking the relevant HTTP profile on the proxy server could resolve the issue.

When this issue was observed with the F5 BIG-IP proxy, the issue was resolved by removing an iRule that altered the url of the Bazefield resource.


A proxy web server might be used in an on-premise installation for a variety of reasons:

  • Use a single external IP address to route to multiple internal network resources
  • Improved security, by not allowing direct access from the internet to internal resources
  • Improved performance, by caching web pages

This issue has been observed with the F5 BIG-IP proxy. See F5's K42151600 article for additional details specific to BIG-IP.

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