• Edit Dashboard
  • Edit KPIBanner process screen widget

  • Copy out query parameters for easy edits

  • Add the parameter and condition to the query parameter string. $scope.values[0] is the value that will return from the tagname query call already existing in the paramters. If you don’t get that syntax correct, it will not function. Beyond that we’re talking javascript comparison capability here, more in this link https://www.w3schools.com/js/js_comparisons.asp.

For this we will want to trigger an “Alert” condition to apply the “danger” ( this is the only one I’ve changed the name of compared to bootstrap.

  • Copy and paste your new query string parameters, ensure not to make any typos, or leave characters out. This is case sensitive as well.

  • Close to save the widget and save the dashboard. You can track activity of the browser in Developer tools.