You are using the Timeseries Heat Map widget and would like to only show data when some condition is true. For example, you may only be interested in values when wind speed is above a certain threshold.

When the widget is filter-enabled, ad-hoc conditions can be added in the filter pane. To add a static, non-filter-enabled condition, follow the steps below.


Step 1: Uncheck "Use filter for assets and time period" in the widget configuration

When checked, ad-hoc filter pane conditions are used; when unchecked, static conditions can be added.

Step 2: Write the filter condition in the Conditions box

The filter condition requires a specific format:

([MyTagName]/ValueInterpretation condition value)
  • The whole condition must be within parenthesis ()
  • The tag name must be within square brackets []
  • After the tagname, put a slash / followed by a ValueInterpretation string. Options are:
    • Quality
    • QualityAsByte
    • IsQualityGood
    • IsQualityUncertain
    • IsQualityBad
    • ValueAsDouble
    • ValueAsString
  • The condition must be one of the options:
    • eq (equals)
    • lt (less than)
    • le (less than or equal)
    • gt (greater than or equal)
    • ge (greater than or equal)
  • The value can be numeric, string or boolean.


([${Site}-MET001-WindSpeed]/ValueAsDouble gt 3)

Step 3: Close the widget and save the updated dashboard

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