How can I customize the asset operations workflow selections?


Asset Operations workflow filters are made to manage stops for control rooms. This feature facilitates the process for a team managing assets in a real time manner such as a control room.


You can edit/add workflow items using this url:


https://[your server]/bazefield.portal/#/vue/workflow/list


Note: There is a bug in the configuration tool. After you have pressed Save, the window will not close.

Note: Remember to NOT press save twice.


There are 4 Types available: New, Postponed, Escalated, and BackToRun. 

  • Usually there should only be 1 "BackToRun" state. Setting a turbine to a "BackToRun" state will make it appear as if it has no workflow state anymore in Asset Operations. The BackToRun state is intended to be automatically applied by the system when the turbine turns back to the run state.


Press “Add”

  • Type = Postponed
  • Settings left empty


Product Version

Bazefield Portal