Administrative access to Tag Manager and Asset Manager.

Optional: Administrative access to data engine manager


A single tag check for communication state doesn't function appropriately because there is no tag value that changes enough.


Step 1: Determine a number actively changing tags

We're looking to find a set of tags that is changing all the time. Also, we want to set a safe threshold for timing before they do change. For this example we're using DC-Voltage, Voltage and Active Power.

Step 2: Update taglist

See attached taglist. We want to select the right source tags that were picked in step 1.

Scale Equation for checking individual tag:

SetQuality(192, IsNan($V) || (IsInfinity($V) && ($V_PREV == 1)) ? 1 : (IsInfinity($V) ? 4 : ($Q < 192 ? 5 : 0)))

Step 3: Import & Sync Buffer to test

Here we want to upload the tag list to the asset model, and use asset manager to import tags from that asset. Follow the product documentation or reference the follow article. 


Scale equation use for communication state is an option that provides additioanl customization to the ConnectionMonitor service apporach.

Read more on scale equations 

Product Version

Bazefield Portal 8.6.4