Asset Operations will display "Unavailable" on some turbines when the IEC OperationState tag is showing a value of 4 of running.


OPC Baze Device Settings

Data Filter setting quality numbers of 84,85,86,87,88,8 to good quality of 192 is used for GE OPC DA due to some tags being "good" quality values while reporting a bad quality number. This occurs on GE OPC DA calculated tags, i.e. the ones on the Site folder mostly that are not direct IO or sensor data from the turbines.

If the GE OPC DA device connection string includes a IODisconnectBehavior=BadQuality, instead of the "None" shown here which is the default value, you will create a competing issue with the data filter.

Communication State Tag (Scale Equation Style)

Scale Equation Communication State tag utilzies IODisconnectBehavior to track device disonnection. This IODisconnectBehavior overrides the device connection string settings.