Welcome to Bazefield Forum!

What is the FreshDesk Bazefield forum?

FreshDesk now offers a user forum as part of the support platform. As Bazefield continues to grow and reach more people, offering a place for users to congregate and share ideas could become more important.

Didn't Bazefield already have a forum?

Yes, you can find our previous forum (now discontinued), at bazefield.forumbee.com.

Which forum should I use?

Moving forward, we will be using this forum on FreshDesk.

What advantages does the FreshDesk forum provide?

  • Natively integrated with our support system and Solutions Articles. No need to make a second account!
  • Tools for us to turn forum posts into tickets and vice versa.
  • Tools for tracking feature requests.

is this forum open to all BF clients?

Yes, anybody with a support login can use the forum!

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