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Custom Expression

Hi All,

Could you share with me some library about what kind of typography is used at Custom Expression? I want to try my own formulas at Notifications


Best Regards

Hi Ernesto, sorry for the late response. The "Custom Expression" option in Instant Notifications uses the same syntax and functions as our Online Expressions. The expression you write for a notification needs to evaluate to true or false.

You can find some documentation on the expression syntax in the product documentation by clicking the ? symbol at the top right of Bazefield -> Bazefield Super User Documentation -> and then download the Calculations and Calculations Quick Reference guides.

So for example, you could do some basic math using the Custom Expression, using the TagLast() function (shorthand $[]) to get the latest data for a tag:

($[MyTag1] * 100 / ($[MyTag2]^2)) > $[MyTag3]

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Hi Luke, 

Thanks for your guidance, I just read the BF-01-UM-007 User Manual BazeField 8 Calculations - Quick Reference v.1_3.pdf ( Page 18) and the BF-01-UM-008 User Manual BazeField 8 Calculations v.1_5.pdf ( Page 8) but both make reference to an Appendix which I don't find. Where should it be located?

Best Regards

I think that appendix is actually not relevant anymore and has been removed (it was for an older version of the calculation service). The documentation should be updated to not reference that appendix.

The available functions are the ones mentioned in the Calculations manual as well as any of the functions in the .Net Math class -- you need to preface these with the math class, like Math.MethodName(inputs). Here is the reference for the .Net Math class:

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